Sabatini Discussing Sanchez and Di Maria

Sabatini Discussing Sanchez and Di Maria

Walter Sabatini as a representative of the Inter Milan club said Arsenal striker Alexis Sanchez was not on his shopping list.

Sabatini also talks about the transfer of winger Paris Saint Germain, Angel di Maria.

He said: “About Angel Di Maria, we have to make sure that he deserves to Inter, or maybe it can not and wage issues must be taken into account by every club.”

“I’m not talking about Di Maria’s good ability, but that does not mean he’s the player Inter need, even if he’s a great player.”

“On the other hand it could be after that I will change my mind and he will come, but I do not think so.”

“Alexis Sanchez? Can be spelled out if he is not in our transfer plan, because we also do not monitor him. ”

Related Di Maria, there are reports that his salary is still too high for Inter.

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