Ferdinand: Sergio Aguero Great Players!

Ferdinand: Sergio Aguero Great Players!

Former Manchester United player, Rio Ferdinand, did not hesitate to give praise to Sergio Aguero, whom he considered an outstanding player.

The Argentine player is one of the best players in the Premier League, almost every match of The Citizens, he is able to contribute goals.

“Aguero is a great player, I love watching his action when defending Manchester City, indeed he is a very proper recruit,” Ferdinand told the media.

“Maybe in the list of players I’ve listed as one of the best strikers, the name Aguero will be the right list for my record.”

Clash with Coach, Radja Nainggolan Out of Belgium national team

Clash with Coach, Radja Nainggolan Out of Belgium national team

AS Roma midfielder, Radja Nainggolan, decided to quit the Belgian national team. The feud with Belgian national team coach Roberto Martinez is the reason Nainggolan took the step Agen Sbobet Terpercaya.

“She (Martinez) called me at 11:00 (an hour before the announcement of the World Cup squad) and hinted that I am not serious in defending Belgium at the World Cup in June 2014,” said Nainggolan, who was not included in the World Cup qualifying squad against Gibraltar and Greece.

Martinez reportedly ignored Nainggolan when the midfielder arrived late in the tack session ahead of the game against Estonia.

“He did not discuss it, we only talk for a minute,” said Nainggolan, who rejected the offer of Manchester United and Chelsea this summer in order to extend the contract with Roma.

For the Estonian incident, Nainggolan said that he was late for waiting for an elevator for 37 seconds. At that time he was not alone, some players were too late. According Nainggolan, there is something more than the delay associated with the attitude of the coach.

“I quit international football right now.It does not make sense, Martinez contacted Youri Tielemans who just sat on the bench and played for a while in Monaco,” said the midfielder upset.

Nainggolan recalled that once when Martinez was appointed coach, the coach required Belgium to be in the top competition. But with the departure of Axel Witsel to China, for Nainggolan, the coach’s words are no longer valid.

“It did not matter to me, but Martinez asked me to improve my performance,” said the 29-year-old footballer.

Both were not even greeted each other when met at Ibiza restaurant.

Bad relationship Nainggolan with Belgian Football Association not only this once. At the 2014 World Cup, he was troubled by coach Marc Wilmots who tipped Nainggolan kick from the squad list.

Nainggolan also made headlines because of smoking in team hotels and also delays during the summer.

“I do not want to do it anymore, I’m pushed into this situation, no problem, now everything I do is for Roma,” said the midfielder numbered back 4.

Reasons Persija Cancel Trial with Fiji national team

Reasons Persija Cancel Trial with Fiji national team

Persija Jakarta management confirmed that the match against the Fiji national team is certainly canceled.

Initially, the test match will take place at the Patriot Stadium, Bekasi, West Java, Monday (4/9/2017).

Certainty cancellation of the trial is delivered directly by the Chairman of the Executive Committee (Panpel) Persija, Arief Kusuma Perdana, when contacted BolaSport.com and SuperBall.id, Wednesday (23/08/2017).

Arief said, the cancellation of the trial was caused Persija want to focus on the competition 1st League 2017.

“Yes it is true that we have failed to test with Fiji because we want to focus on League 1 to improve the rankings in the table,” said Arief.

Persija is currently sitting in sixth position by packing 33 points from 21 games already dilakoni.

Stefano’s club “Teco” Cugurra is still likely to win the title this season because only five points behind the standings standings, PSM Makassar.

“This is a request from Persija management and also has talked with Teco,” he said.

“We do not want our players injured,” said Arief.

Persija management has also confirmed to PSSI that the club nicknamed the Kemayoran Tiger can not serve Fiji in the test match.

Previously, Persija has received a letter from PSSI to conduct a test match with Fiji on 21 August.

“We have sent a letter to the PSSI that the action was canceled,” said Arief.

Valverde Sure Can Bring Dembele

Valverde Sure Can Bring Dembele

Barcelona coach, Ernesto Valverde, stated that he was very confident to bring in attacker Borussia Dortmund star, Ousmane Dembele Cara Daftar sbobet.

Spanish giants are still in ambition to get Dembele as a replacement for Neymar who is now in PSG.

Party The Yellow Black is now rumored to have time about two weeks to give certainty to the party El Barca.

Valverde said “I certainly feel confident Dembele wants to join Barcelona.”

“I think he is the right player to replace Neymar.”

“And if you join Barcelona, of course Dembele will have a remarkable career”

Gara-Gara Neymar, Messi Transfer No Longer Impossible Things

Gara-Gara Neymar, Messi Transfer No Longer Impossible Things

Liverpool manager, Jurgen Klopp, has always doubted there will be a club that can buy Barcelona striker, Lionel Messi. However, he changed his mind after seeing ParisnSaint-Germain able to bring Neymar.

PSG has bought Neymar from Barcelona for 222 million euros (about Rp 3.4 trillion). The price automatically makes Neymar the most expensive player on the planet.

The above rates are in accordance with the release clause of Neymar. In addition to Neymar, Barcelona also posted a release clause Messi of 300 million euros (about Rp 4.7 trillion). According to Klopp, it is not impossible there are clubs who dare to buy Messi with the price.

“It’s very simple, until now that (Messi transfer) is considered unlikely, then there is a list, with a release clause from Barcelona Leo Messi, 300 million euros,” Klopp told DAZN.

“In just a month, Messi’s transfers look possible, this is an outrageous amount, Barcelona might just set that amount at random, I mean who’s going to pay 300 million euros? And now it just happens,” Klopp added .

Messi himself enjoyed an outstanding and accomplished career trip over at Camp Nou, winning eight La Liga trophies and four Champions League.
He also successfully won five Ballon d’Or trophies. With Barcelona, ​​Messi appeared in 583 matches and scored 507 goals.

Chelsea Fresh 25 million Pounds for Joao Cancelo

Chelsea Fresh 25 million Pounds for Joao Cancelo

Antonio Conte’s team, Chelsea, is now rumored to have offered to Benfica £ 25 million for Joao Cancelo Situs Poker Online.

British giant is now bringing some new players like Alvaro Morata, Tiemoue Bakayoko and Antonio Rudiger.

But according to the Italian coach, the Blues still need new players like Cancelo, who is able to play well in every season in Valencia.

However, some time ago, the Valencia was not interested in the offer given by Chelsea.

But the Chelsea side is still in ambition, who want to bring Cancelo to Stamford Bridge.

Conte: This Season Will Run Very Competitive

Conte: This Season Will Run Very Competitive

Chelsea coach Antonio Conte believes that the upcoming 2017/18 season will definitely run very competitively.

Chelsea will play against Burnley in the Premier League opener on Saturday, and see the transfer activity on the exchange, Conte believes that competition next season will be more tight.

“In England, when you win the title, next season, every team will definitely prepare to fight you, with all their strength,” the former Juventus coach told reporters.

“They went into the transfer market, and tried to improve the quality of their squad. It’s very difficult for us to repeat the success we achieved the previous season. “

AC Milan Wants To Buy Diego Costa, Not Borrow

AC Milan Wants To Buy Diego Costa, Not Borrow

Chelsea striker Diego Costa is getting closer to AC Milan on the trasnfer exchange this summer. This is known after the meeting of soccer agent Jorge Mendes with the management of The Blues on Tuesday (1/8/2017) yesterday.

Reported by Sky Sport, Jorge Mendes has just met with Chelsea and AC Milan management. Costa is the main target of the Rossoneri now, having ruled out Borussia Dortmund strikers Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Nikola Kalinić from Fiorentina.

Negotiations run a lot because the two parties have different desires. AC Milan took the initiative to sign Costa on a permanent basis, while the Blues just wanted to release it on loan for half a season.

If Costa agreed to be sold to AC Milan, all the process of his move will be passed easily. But now Mendes has to work extra hard to convince his client to want to play in Serie A.

At first the 28-year-old player is planning to leave to Atletico Madrid, his former club, as a loan player. He wants to play for six months until the transfer embargo sanction Atletico ends in January 2018.

However, Evening Standard wrote Atletico failed to bring home the former striker because the price is pegged Chelsea is too high. Though Los Rojiblancos had a plan to mempermanenkan Costa at the end of the loan period.

Conte Asks Alvaro Morata to Increase Performance

Conte Asks Alvaro Morata to Increase Performance

Chelsea coach Antonio Conte has urged Alvaro Morata to improve his performance in the team training session Bandar Bola.

The reason for five days bargabung to follow the pre-season of the Blues in the country of the Lion of the Spanish national team that in the boyong of Real Madrid was not satisfactory performance where respectively when facing Bayern Munich and Inter Milan last weekend at The National stadium.

So upon arrival in England, Conte wants that for a week ahead of Arsenal’s opponent fight at the Community Shield event the player can continue to boost his performance.

“Morata just started training with us,”

“He needs to improve his condition a lot to adapt quickly into our team.

“He worked well but only five days. In today’s game he tries to do his best but surely he must continue to improve. “Antonio Conte told the media.

Squad Number Taken, Arsenal Striker Want to Leave

lucas perez

Squad Number Taken, Arsenal Striker Want to Leave

Arsenal striker Lucas Perez feels he has been betrayed by his club and also Arsene Wenger. Perez considers the club’s treatment of him by giving his back number to Alexander Lacazette was a mistake. It made him want to return to Deportivo La Coruna.

“I feel cheated,” Perez said as quoted La Voz De Galicia. Perez’s remarks not only mention the number of backs, but he also felt cheated by other Arsenal treatment that makes himself feel at home grazing at the Emirates Stadium.

“In February, I was not allowed to go to China with the promise that I would play more at Arsenal and after that I had fewer chances,” Perez said.

Reports on Tuesday (25/07/2017) mentions, Deportivo La Coruna reportedly has made a bid of 10 million euros to bring home Perez back to Spain. It certainly makes 28-year-old players are excited. According to him, when he played in Coruna, he was very happy.

Perez also said Wenger had known what had angered him from last season. However, no changes have occurred in this season.

The treatment of Arsenal by taking the back number unilaterally really made the mood worse. That’s what makes the Spanish international players want to leave soon.

“I can not continue in this way, I have given everything, but it can not be replaced, so I can not stand it anymore, I want to go and be happy,” said Perez, who is just one season at Arsenal.